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Shabbat Study & Learning Opportunities

04/04/2017 06:43:38 PM


Shalom friends!

Join us this Saturday as we continue to study Torah together. We’ll meet at 9:30am to explore parashat tzav. To learn more you can go here.

Here’s a few other adult learning opportunities in the next few weeks:

Starting Thursday, April 6th 2nd at 5:30pm: Join us for “The God of Small Things” Israel and the Jewish Experience through the poetry of Yehuda Amichai. Considered one of Israel’s finest poets, Amichai’s colloquial voice brings both the Jewish experience and the power of poetry to life. Pizza (or during Passover, Pesach-appropriate alternative) available for $5 donation/person.

Tuesday April 11th: Join us for a quick Passover morning service at 11am, followed by a BYOBB (Bring your own brown bag) Kosher for Passover lunch and study at 11:30! We’ll explore some of the texts of Passover and why we do what we do. Let us know you’re coming by emailing me here or calling the main office (302) 764-2393


Rabbi Yair D. Robinson

Wed, December 6 2023 23 Kislev 5784