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Food Allergy Policy

Congregation Beth Emeth Food Allergy Policy


Approved August 8, 2017


The purpose of this document is to articulate a synagogue-wide policy on food allergy management. The intent is to provide synagogue staff, congregants and guests with clear information about the foods allowed in the building so people with allergies, as well as their parents and guardians, may make informed decisions.


This policy applies to all synagogue-sponsored events but does not apply to renters and other outside groups that use our facilities.


We strive to make reasonable accommodations for congregants and guests with food allergies. Certain areas of the building, such as the Religious School wing, are designated as high-allergy-awareness areas. We will make our best efforts to make this wing a nut-free zone. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment, but it is not possible to provide a completely allergen-free setting.  Our objective is to offer adequate and accurate information to enable visitors to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones.


Synagogue members and guests with food allergies should always take the precautions necessary to safeguard their health, including always carrying required medications (e.g., EpiPen) and notifying staff and event organizers in advance of requested food accommodations.


The Policy


Policy for Synagogue-Sponsored Events


For CBE-sponsored events, foods labeled as containing common allergens, for example, tree nuts, peanuts or nut oils or extracts, will not be served. CBE-sponsored groups purchasing food (meals or snacks) for CBE-sponsored events should make their best efforts to arrange for foods that do not contain tree nuts or peanuts, including nut oils or extracts. Where possible, staff and event organizers will strive to ensure that food provided at events does not contain trace amounts of peanuts or tree nuts and was not produced on machinery that also processes products containing peanuts or tree nuts. CBE-sponsored groups include, but are not limited to, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, BESTY and all synagogue committees hosting events or meetings.


Publicity for any CBE-sponsored events should indicate whether or not food will be served. Where packaged snacks are served, packages/labels should be available for review. Congregants and guests with food allergies are encouraged to contact event sponsors to request special food accommodations.


When food is available at CBE events, the organizers will provide allergy-friendly options, such as gluten- and nut-free choices.


While CBE is unable to assume responsibility for ensuring that homemade food or baked goods are nut-free, we urge congregants to refrain from bringing items containing nuts into the synagogue. All homemade items must be marked as homemade. All items that are brought into the building and contain nuts or nut extracts must be conspicuously labeled as such.


Policy for Congregation Beth Emeth Religious School


Additional policies are in place for the Religious School. These policies are in addition to the synagogue-wide policy and do not replace it. Specific questions regarding Religious School allergy policies should be referred to the Director of Lifelong Learning.


The Religious School may make additional accommodations to the published policies to further ensure the safety of students with specific food allergies. Parents of such students are encouraged to be in touch with the Director of Lifelong Learning to discuss specific additional accommodations that may be needed.


Staff and teachers working in the Religious School may not bring nuts or nut products into the school spaces or consume them there.


Policy for Congregation Beth Emeth Business Office


Staff working in the business office may bring and consume nuts for personal use in their private offices only. Synagogue members and guests should notify staff of food allergies prior to meeting in their private offices, so that reasonable precautions can be taken to accommodate individuals with allergies.

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