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At Home Hebrew

We remain committed to having an option for students who are only able to come once a week.  This is important to us, and we aim to be flexible in creating a successful learning experience for all of our students.  

For students who come only Sundays, they will receive an additional copy of each prayer packet to take home with them.  The copy that they work on in school will stay here; the second copy can either stay at home or travel back and forth with them.  During the week, each student participating in At Home Hebrew, should spend about an hour working on their packet, in whichever activities they want, within the construct of the program, based on what they did the previous class.  When they com back to class on Sunday, they will pick up where they left off at home.

In class the next Sunday, the teacher will check in with them to ask what they worked on in order to fill in the Brit page (which lists all of the activities and requirements) of that Ramah (packet level).  In addition to a conversation about what they worked on, students will either: bring the packet with them OR show a picture of what they worked on at home (on a device or a printed copy).  If they do not bring either, then they/their families will email images of the pages they worked on to the teacher and/or to Rabbi Koppel by the end of the day on Monday.  If the student does not show us evidence of the work, they will be marked absent for that week (unless there are extenuating circumstances).

We are trusting students to do the work and to spend an appropriate amount of time on it -- if we notice that a student is regularly not doing the amount of work that we expect is a realistic amount for that student, then we will have a conversation.  Our goal is for us all to be partners in success.

You can signup for this option HERE.

Other Resources and Enhancements

We are in the process of putting recordings of all of the prayers, chanted by Cantor Stanton or read by either Cantor Stanton or by Rabbi Koppel, up on the website.  In the meantime, all of the prayers (divided by the ramot levels of the prayer packets) can be heard here:   PRAYERS

In addition, each month in the monthly parent email update, I will also include helpful online games and learning resources for all of our Hebrew Students.


Students/families can call or text 302-409-0676 if they have a question about the material they are working on.  They can also call and leave a message to chant or read aloud what they are working on for someone to hear it.  Rabbi Koppel will check the voicemail and texts at least once a day and will get back to everyone within 24 hours.  This number is available for ALL of our Hebrew reading students, but will be especially useful for our At Home Hebrew students.

Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784