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Family/Teacher Conference Signups

Below is a list of available appointments for your child/childrens teacher(s).  If you can not make it that day, just let us know and we will arrange another time for you.  If you're not sure who your child/childrens teacher(s) are, please contact Lisa in the Religious School office prior to making your appointment.  If you child attends Hebrew you will be making 2 appointments (one with the Hebrew teacher and one with the Judaics teacher).

Consecration (K/1) - Samantha Haas


Ms. Zaback - 2nd Grade Hebrew & 4th Grade Judaics


Jan Goodman - 2nd Grade Hebrew 


Ms. Leibowitz - Mitkadem Specialist & 2nd Grade Judaics 


Sarah Kittinger - 3rd Grade Judaics & Aleph Hebrew


Ilana Miniman - Bet I Hebrew


Rachel Greenspan - Bet II Hebrew


Kendra Rosner - 5th Grade Judaics & Gimel Hebrew


Cantor Flynn - Trope Class


David Brown - 7th Grade


Aaron Nayer - 7th Grade Judaics & Leadership Development


Eliana Hall - Director of Lifelong Learning


Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784