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At Home Hebrew

At Home Hebrew
For students who are unable to attend on Wednesdays, they do their weekday learning at home.  We expect that they will spend 1 hour each week working on their Ramah, doing the learning activities, as well as practicing the prayer.   Recordings of all of the prayers are available online.  

Twice a month, this learning is done with an online teacher (through facetime, skype, zoom, or another platform),  who meets virtually with each student for 30 minutes,  to work on their Ramah, help them with their prayer, and teach them in a one-on-one setting.  During these weeks, the student is also expected to practice reading the prayer or work on their learning for an additional half hour.  They will check their work either with the online teacher, or with their Sunday teacher when they are here on Sundays.

Each student who enrolls in At Home Hebrew will receive 1 additional copy of each Ramah to take home.  If that Ramah is lost, we will charge families $10 for a new copy (as this requires us to purchase an additional copy of the material).

Students cannot be assessed for their Ramot online, but can do those assessments on Sundays.

Sat, June 3 2023 14 Sivan 5783