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December 20, 2017

12/20/2017 09:29:26 AM


As Wilmington’s largest and most progressive Jewish congregation, we are saddened by the “for sale” sign out in front of our neighboring synagogue, Adas Kodesh Shel Emeth. The article in Monday’s News Journal describing their plans to sell the building and move was painful to read for the entire Jewish community and we will continue to be supportive of our friends at AKSE in whatever ways we are able.

As the leadership of a Congregation Beth Emeth, a thriving synagogue, we take exception to the allegation that synagogues in Delaware are in a race to the bottom that AKSE got unlucky enough to win. Our mission continues daily as we enrich and inspire each other and our greater community through teaching, learning, and rejoicing in our Jewish ideals and traditions while remaining committed to pluralism, diversity, and inclusivity.

The Reform movement of which we are a member, stresses building community both with our Jewish or non-Jewish brothers and sisters. We are working hard here in Delaware to connect people to an inclusive and joyful Judaism. And while yes, that Judaism may not resemble “traditional” Judaism, it is no less grounded in investing in a Jewish future than any of the other congregations in our state. We will continue to provide diverse and meaningful experiences for any who choose to be a part of our community, fulfilling the words of the prophet Isaiah, that we shall be a house of worship for all people.

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